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Dashboarding Rule No.8: Use a Uniform Storyline

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The quality of your dashboard depends on how well thought-out your storytelling is. However, the basic structure is always the same: from the overview on a landing page, you can access the detailed level(s) via filters or drill downs and finally the zoom level(s). Your storytelling concept should be based on the tasks, questions and experiences of your user group. These three aspects can be used to categorize users, as the contents of the individual groups also differ. For example, a manager needs fewer details and interactions than a data scientist who needs a lot of information to perform a thorough analysis.

This rule and others are explained in detail in the reportingimpulse Academy. Get Insights in our Visual Data Analytics Beginner’s Package here! In addition to our most important rules for dashboarding, it includes learning videos on the corresponding topic, book recommendations, reportingimpulse SharePics and much more.

The poster with all Information Design and Dashboarding rules:

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