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BI or DIE – Data Science in Pharma Companies – Talking with Jack Lampka, MSD | EN

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Jack, Viktoria and Kai are discussing the link between data and business impact and the perfect data science team to make that happen.

„With international experience along the data analytics value chain (21 years in tech & 3 in pharma), I must say that the link between data and business impact is missing at many companies. Especially with the current hype around AI and data science, there is a big gap between talk and action. Here is where I come in. Having built analytics teams, designed data roadmaps, defined data governance, and synthesized data, I enable companies to turn data into business impact. I support executives with data-driven decisions. I cultivate data mindset through data literacy programs. And I accelerate AI adoption through customer & product clustering, marketing investment optimization, sales forecasting, and ROI simulation … all that while having fun. Having fun, I also have as a speaker at analytics conferences.“ – Jack Lampka, Head of Data Science, MSD Germany

In this podcast episode, you’ll learn:

🤯   Why we don’t like buzzwords
🏝   What is meant by Data Village
🎳   Setting up the  perfect data science team
🚀   Why the link  between Data and business impact is so important
🌍   Data Science maturity levels internationally
🛠   Whether Data Science should be centralized or decentralized

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