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BI or DIE – Digital Finance in an International Environment – Talking with Nicolas Boucher, Thales | EN

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Nicolas, Viktoria and Kai talk about Digital Finance and Controlling in an international environment and how LinkedIn can be a valuable support and source of information.

„My current professional role: I am currently heading the Finance and Controlling team of one of the Business Line of Thales Germany. MIS is specialised in producing Traveling Waves Tubes for Satellites. My story: I am half French, half Belgian and being raised with 2 different cultures brought me where I am today. I lived in 5 different countries across 3 different continents (France, USA, Luxembourg, Singapore and Germany) and at home or at work, I am constantly switching between speaking English, German and French. My private life: I am married and a happy father of two young daughters. We both learn from each other and we enjoy reading french books together and going outside together. When I am not busy with my daughters, I am working out to stay healthy and feel good (I recently bought a Peloton, hit me up if you are also a Peloton member). Traveling and tasting new food are some of my favorite experiences. But if you ask me where is the most beautiful place and where can we find the best food in the world, I have only one response: my hometown, Brittany in France (check my Linkedin banner to see the beauty of it).“ – Nicolas Boucher, Thales

Here’s what you can take away from today’s podcast:

🚦   Why every finance and controlling department should be looking at automated dashboards
🏁   How to get digital finance on the road?
👍   How you can use LinkedIn to become a better controller?
⚡️   Practical shortcuts to forecasting?
📱   What we should adopt from iPhone apps for our business applications?

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