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BI or DIE – Insights SAP and Strategy SAP DWC – Talking with Mohamed Abdel Hadi, SAP | EN

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We talk to Mohamed Abdel Hadi (Mo) about the latest developments in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) and integrations with existing customers.

As Global Vice President for SAP Data Warehouse Product Management & Strategy, Mo is responsible for the entire data warehouse and on-premise portfolio.

He has been focusing on analytics and data warehousing at SAP for more than 11 years now. With this background, he provides a strong technical, market and customer focused vision for new products and technology driven development projects. Leading a global team, he focuses on delivering best-in-class analytics and data warehousing products to customers and strengthening SAP’s position in the converging data and analytics markets.

Mo graduated from Flensburg University of Applied Sciences with a degree in Business Intelligence, Database Systems and Algorithms. He lives in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and enjoys traveling to exciting countries in his spare time. Furthermore, he performs magic and magic tricks, challenges friends in  table tennis and loves spending time with them.

In our chat with Mo, we discussed cultural specifics of projects around the globe. For whom do references count, who is into comprehensive POCs, who are early adopters of the latest products etc.? In addition, it becomes clear why SAP has taken the path towards the Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC), why SAP focuses especially on customer use cases and shows openness towards other product vendors. There are clear project recommendations for customer who want to use SAP Analytics Cloud and Data Warehouse Cloud. But we also talk about existing customers who are using SAP BW or older frontend tools and discuss possible implementation approaches for the new SAP products.

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