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BI or DIE – Data Analytics at IKEA and beyond – Talking with Nicolas Michaud, IKEA | EN

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Nicolas, Viktoria and Kai talk about how data analytics has evolved over the past few years and what Nicolas learned during his time at IKEA and HomeAway.

Nicolas works as Business and Data Analytics Manager in Germany since 2001. 4 years ago, he built the first German eCommerce Data Analytics team at IKEA Germany. After his master in Management and Economics, he built his career at the crossroads between BI and Controlling before he joined in 2012 one of the early US marketplaces ( where he learned best in classe Data Analytics and discovered Data Science.

Here’s what you can take away from the episode:

  • Journey from reporting to data analytics – what has changed in recent years?
  • Importance of data analytics at IKEA. 
  • Differences between analytics for pure online platforms and companies with many operational processes
  • Specifics in analytics for omnichannel business
  • Must-do’s in terms of analytics team organization

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