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BI or DIE – Data Science Leadership – Talking with Anna Hannemann, | EN

Anna, Viktoria and Kai talk about leadership, team development and the success factors to bring Data Science from playground to implementation.

Anna is a Domain Owner of Data Science at – an IT devision of METRO AG – driving the story of data science within the whole Metro business. Previous to this position, being a product owner, Anna guided five recommender systems to their success. This journey included transition to cloud, introduction of agile working principles, and the most important – the step from PoC to live products. Before recommender systems, Anna focused on robotics and smart logistics at Zalando SE. As a product manager, she was responsible for warehouse automation with bagsorter system, which included transition to cloud, third party integration, negotiation and planning of constructional and IT interplay. Anna has a strong empathy for the owned products and their users and believes you have to love what you do!

Here’s what you can take away from the episode:

  • Why the combination of Data Science and Product Management is so important
  • Why a data science leader must speak and understand the tech and business language
  • Play time is over – organizational requirements for companies to really get it on the road
  • Team setup, roles and collaboration 
  • Starting and entering the Data Science world
  • Women in Data Science

Mentioned in today’s episode:

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