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BI or DIE – TM1 in the environment of the Deutsche Bahn – Talking with Christoph Hein, DB Systel | EN

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Christoph, Viktoria and Kai give you an overview of the IBM Cognos TM1 and its use at Deutsche Bahn.

Watch the stream to this episode:

Christoph is a senior in-house consultant for business intelligence projects at DB Systel, the IT service provider within the Deutsche Bahn Group. For ten years now, he has been dealing almost exclusively with what is probably the most well-known functional database on the BI market: IBM Cognos TM1 (or more recently Planning Analytics). In addition to this activity, Christoph also works as a lecturer in the field of business intelligence at various universities and occasionally publishes.

Here’s what you can take away from the episode:

  • What makes a TM1 fanboy
  • What real love for the tool and the technology means
  • Why the use of TM1 fits so well at Deutsche Bahn
  • In which use cases it is used
  • Why TM1 in combination with Excel as a frontend is so popular in departments
  • Team spirit and new work at Deutsche Bahn

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