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BI or DIE – Agility and requirements in BI projects – Talking with Raphael Branger, IT-Logix | EN

Together with Raphael, Viktoria and Kai talk about how agility comes about in BI projects and what successful requirements management looks like.

As Principal Consultant Data & Analytics at IT-Logix AG, Raphael helps organizations to collect and implement their data and analytics requirements. He is also a strategist, architect, requirements engineer, agile coach but also a developer. In this way, he brings a holistic view into his projects. In addition to his project work, Raphael is heavily involved in community work and shares his knowledge as a speaker, author and moderator locally and globally. As a member of the board of directors and partner, Raphael is also responsible for the strategic direction and development of IT-Logix, in which he has been active since 2002.

From episode you can take out the following for yourselves:

🇨🇭  3 reasons what makes life in Switzerland special
🚀  How can agility and BI successfully grow together?
🏋️‍♀️  How much agility can a project or organization take?
🦾  What is the ideal dashboard requirement process?
📊  How can IBCS and other standards support it?
🎙  How can I motivate automation in BI projects?

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